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Modificatie van de Icom IC-T81E

Modification of the Icom IC-T81E (or IC-T81A)

This modification has been publised a few years ago in the magazine 'Funk Amateur'

Sometimes it is (very) hard to operate the center part of the MULTI button

to activate the T- or D-function.

By using the CALL button of the Keypad it is possible to activate the same function

as the center part of the MULTI button.

This CALL button on the Keypad is'nt used very often, because you have enough memory channels on the IC-T81E.

First remove the battery.

Then remove the two screws at the rear underside.

Remove the rubber cover of the SP/MIC.

Remove the DIAL knob.

Remove the ring around the antenna connector.

Carefully open the IC-T81E.

The black button of the MULTI knob has eight connections on the PCB.

We need the two connections on the left underside.

Very carefully cut the two PCB-tracks at the left and right side

of the PCB-switch with a very thin and sharp knife:

Be very careful not to cut the vertical PCB-track!

Use a multimeter to check if you have cut the two tracks of the PCB-switch good enough

and check if you did'nt cut the vertical track.

Then solder a thin wire between the two connections of the MULTI button

and the two connections of the PCB-switch:

Check all connections of the two wires.

Close the IC-T81E.

First check all the Keypad buttons and their function.

You don't need to reset the IC-T81E.

Now you can use the CALL Keypad button for the same function

as the center part of the MULTI button.